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Yamaha NP15 61-Key Piaggero Portable Piano

Yamaha NP15 61-Key Piaggero Portable Piano

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A light, portable piano-style keyboard with just the right functions you need.


The 61-key keyboard (a conventional piano has 88 keys) us perfect for playing pop tunes or simple classical pieces. Although the keys have the same box shape as those on a piano, the keyboard has a lighter feel that makes it easy for beginning pianists to start, rather than the weighier feel of a standard piano keyboard. You can also use headphones with the NP-15 if you are worried about disturbing those around you with your playing.


It's just so light! You can take it anywhere.

"Piaggero," the name of the NP-15 Series, combines "Piano" with the word "Leggero," a musical term meaning, "light." As the name states, the NP-15 is extremely light, even for a portable keyboard, so that you can take it anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, or even on a trip, feel free to take it to your favourite places and practice.


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