Become a franchisee

Since 2006, MusiqHub’s small group learning approach has successfully taught over 25,000 primary and intermediate school students how to play a musical instrument. Becoming a MusiqHub franchisee allows you to earn a stable income while giving you time to channel into your creative interests.

  • Leverage MusiqHub’s established brand and reputation to gain trust and credibility among potential students and parents.
  • Hit the ground running with MusiqHub’s proven business model.
  • Effective marketing is vital to the growth of your business. The MusiqHub marketing approach has been tried and tested over time.
  • Access to our proven music curriculum that has been developed through the talent and expertise of our nationwide group of teachers.
  • Be part of the wider MusiqHub community with opportunities for collaboration, sharing best practices, and seeking advice when needed.
  • Is a MusiqHub franchise right for you?

    The business is all about relationships.

    Yes, you need to play your instrument, but if you can sing the songs while playing the kids will love you!

    If you can patiently explain playing methods to young children with short attention spans and keep them engaged in a fun way, you will do well.

    If you can communicate clearly with parents who are juggling multiple schedules and be diplomatic in your feedback, you will do even better. Then, if you can liaise with teachers who are under a lot of pressure and be flexible with your daily schedule, then you can really get this gig in the bag.

  • Core skill sets required

    Musical proficiency. A strong foundation in music theory, technique, and performance is essential. You should have a deep understanding of the instruments or vocal techniques you teach and be able to demonstrate them effectively.

    Strong interpersonal skills. From engaging with our student musicians through to communicating with our parents to seamlessly blending in at our host schools.

    Good organisational ability. From managing all elements of your business to planning an excellent lesson.

    Passion. The crucial x-factor - having a passion for sharing your love of music.