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Peter Heard

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Peters Blog

Teaching music - a love for life!

Thursday, 14 April 2016, 9:59am

Hi everyone!

Teaching music doesn't feel like work to me....its a whole lot of fun and its a priveledge to work with young people in Taranaki to help find their musical spark. 

I have been playing music for 14 years on guitar, piano, synthesiser, drum machines, harmonica, drums and bass guitar. I love music for what it brings to peoples’ lives and communities. I really dig playing music in unity and having people enjoy the musical experience.  I have played a range of genres including singer songwriter, live improvisation, reggae, trance, house, hip hop and ska.  

I offer private lessons primarily within school time at schools, but also out of school hours, and I work with any age student.

I also offer holiday workshops on playing instruments, writing and recording songs and band mentoring.

I teach from a positive strengths-based model.  I have been a youth worker over the last 5 years at the South Taranaki District Council and through other community projects, and I worked in Enviroschools with young people on sustainability actions since I first moved to Taranaki in 2003.

I live in the Huatoki Valley with my two sons (11 and 13) and my wife Kama Burwell where we grow a lot of food.

I look forward to talking with you about the music adventure you or your child is about to embark on! 


Peter Heard



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Peter teaches these instruments:
MusicWorks Yamaha

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