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Scott Wotherspoon

  • 0210686394

Scott Wotherspoon is an Auckland based musician and tutor with a colourful musical history, taking up the drums and guitar at the age of 8 Scott has played in a wide range of genres including Stage, Concert, Orchestral, Latin, Reggae, Funk, Country Folk, Rock/Pop and Metal which has formed the basis of his solid and varied musical foundation. Scott currently plays in alternative rock band New Way Home who has developed a solid fan base through their tight live performances up and down the country and across Australia. Being handpicked by the likes of Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage and Slipknot to play in front of large stadium crowds is testament to their musicianship, the band is now signed with Warner Music.

I allow students to set their own goals and choose music they love in order to demonstrate basic technique, and I include theory whenever possible. I hope to provide students with tools for comprehending music and encourage them to apply these outside of tutoring. I try to keep all my students open-minded to the many disciplines and attitudes toward playing music so they achieve their objectives with competence and enthusiasm.

Teaching young people a skill I have passion for gives me confidence in my abilities as an educator and constantly reinforces my love of music. I enjoy watching students persevere and achieve their goals. I would like students to leave each week with tools, inspiration and techniques they understand for use in their practice at home. I hope that their parents/caregivers will appreciate their efforts (and buy earplugs if necessary).

I have always been impressed by the technical precision and sense of rhythm possessed by great musicians. As a young person, mastering various skills gave me belief in my own abilities to accomplish anything I put my mind to, creating music has become such an important aspect of my life. Playing an instrument is stimulating physically and mentally – and it’s fun!

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