Jordan Morrison

  • Jordan has been playing guitar for over 20 years. A self described guitar nerd, he has a passion for all things guitar, ukulele and music and enjoys constantly learning and composing on the instruments.

    He has been teaching guitar in schools around Auckland for over a decade. He seeks to make the lessons fun, interactive and engaging whilst growing students both musically and technically on their instruments.

    You can check out his original music here:

    and here:


    • Bucklands Beach School
    • Farm Cove Intermediate
    • Golden Grove School
    • Howick Primary School
    • Oranga School
    • Pakuranga Heights School
    • St Mark's Catholic School
    • Sunnyhills School
    • Wakaaranga School

    Instruments Taught

    • Guitar
    • Ukulele

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  • Jordan has been teaching my son since he was 6 years old and who is now 13. He started out having a group lesson, then moved to solo lessons a few years later. Toren's favourite school day is Wednesday, and that is because it is when he gets to spend time with Jordan learning guitar. Over the last year he's been especially enjoying using his electric guitar and playing some rock hits from Nirvana, Guns and Roses and U2. Toren says, 'Jordan makes guitar a lot of fun and gets me to perform my best'. As a parent it has been rewarding to see Toren's constant progression and passion as he continually improves.

    Nicola P

  • Finlay has been going to guitar lessons with Jordan for over 4 years. Fin started as a complete beginner and Jordan has developed Fin’s guitar skills over this time. Earlier this year Fin played to a large audience in a rock band! Jordan is a great teacher that makes learning and playing the guitar fun and enjoyable, Jordan has given our son confidence and a skill that he likes to spend lots of time doing.

    Sarah K

  • Annika enjoys learning guitar because Jordan makes it fun yet very easy to understand. Thank you for your patience and being very approachable when children needed some support and assistance. Annika has learned so much in playing the guitar and she enjoys learning from you. Huge improvement in her skills so well done, thanks for being amazing!

    Abigail T

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