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Keyboard / Piano

Keyboard / Piano

We have 26 teachers at 157 venues who teach Keyboard / Piano.
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About the Keyboard / Piano

A keyboard is able to produce a wide range of sounds and imitate many different instruments. For example modern keyboards can sound very much like pianos but are much lighter and more portable! Many keyboards have built in rhythms and sound effects to add impact to any melody. The invention of the musical synthesizers in the 1960’s was a step towards the musical keyboards that we are familiar with today. Depending on the keyboard player’s ability, chords can be played with either one finger or a few fingers on the left hand, whilst the melody can be played with the right hand. Alternatively the keyboard can be played with both hands like the piano.

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Available From Our Store

BEALE Keyboard


The BEALE AK140 Digital Keyboard is perfect for beginners and those looking for a space efficient learning keyboard.



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Currently out of stock.

CASIO Keyboard


Casio CTX800 61 key touch sensitive keyboard, perfect for beginners.

Yamaha Keyboard


The PSRE373 is the perfect keyboard to start learning on.

MusicWorks Yamaha

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