Turn up the volume on the transformative power of music lessons

Turn up the volume on the transformative power of music lessons

Music is like that secret sauce of life, especially when it comes to shaping the minds of our young ones. It's not just about the sweet tunes and toe-tapping beats; it's a powerhouse for emotional, physical, social, and brain development. Let’s have a look at the many reasons music is the unsung hero in our kids' education.


Firstly, let's look at how music wears many hats in the development game. According to the National Review of School Music Education in Australia, it's like the ultimate multitasker, hitting all the right notes for a child’s well-rounded growth. Creative chaos meets structured harmony, creating a symphony of awesomeness for those young minds.


Ever heard of the 'Champions of Change' study from the US? It shows that children rocking out in arts programs, including school bands, make better life choices. 


And then there are the benefits of music to under-performing students – turns out, a dose of music lessons can have them acing reading and maths like champs. It's not just about hitting the books; their attitudes and behaviour get a major upgrade too. 


Now, let's peek inside the brain. Brain imaging is like a backstage pass, showing us that musical tasks light up every nook and cranny, from lobes to the cerebellum. It's like a brain workout, making our kids smarter and sharper. Music, the real MVP of brain gains!


But it's not just about hitting the right notes; it's about harmonising with other subjects. A US study shows how putting music into the mix improves reading and unlocks the mysteries of maths and science. It's like music is the DJ, spinning a playlist for a kick-ass cross-curricular learning party.


And here's a little secret from the Swiss – swapping regular classes for music classes kicks language and reading skills into overdrive. Plus, playing music is like a superhero power-up for concentration, memory, and expressing those feels. 


Across the Tasman a whopping 90% of parents think music should be a school must-have. The National Review of School Music Education got flooded with submissions.


It's time to turn up the volume on the transformative power of music – because every child deserves a spot in the spotlight.

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