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Become a MusiqHub Teacher

Become a MusiqHub Teacher

Information for Musicians

If you teach one or more musical instruments, or are thinking about teaching them, are passionate about children and learning, and have a professional attitude, MusiqHub can offer you a number of options to consider.

Opportunities with MusiqHub

If you are looking for part time work to remain flexible around your family, or fit other work requirements around, consider the following options with MusiqHub:

If you are looking to develop your own business, with a supported network, and intend to work on it as your main employment, consider:

If you are currently working within a music school, you may decide that you have had enough of using your skills to build up someone else's business!

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The benefits of working with MusiqHub

MusiqHub is a proven and successful teaching franchise that operates throughout New Zealand. We have been operating and growing for over 7 years.

Our teaching model is based around structured group learning, but in some cases, individual lessons are also offered.

As a MusiqHub teacher, you will enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • The security of working for yourself but not by yourself.
  • Integrated website support for handling lesson bookings, invoicing, email marketing to parents. All of which is tailor made to your requirements.
  • High quality resources. Our constantly updated curriculum based teaching materials are developed as part of the brand. This included certificates for each book the children complete.
  • Marketing materials including fliers, posters, and social media support all provided by the group.
  • Assistance with securing new venues and students.
  • Business administration support. Including assistance with compliance, insurance, police vetting, IRD information, and debt collection - leaving you to focus on what you do best.
  • Our support network. Providing help with difficult situations, business planning, best practice, and learning from other teachers in a supportive environment.
  • On the job training
  • Your own business. As a Musiqhub franchisee or area manager, you have the ability to sell your business to someone else so you can develop your own legitimate business that is yours to grow and sell, should you need to.
  • Group learning, meaning you make the most of your time.

This is the only proven business model in music education which puts the control in your hands and gives you an opportunity to grow and develop your own business.

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Why become a contract teacher with MusiqHub?

If you are looking for a low risk, supported entry into music teaching to see if it's for you, this is a great option to consider.

You will work with an experience Franchisee or Area Manager to teach students at a venue that is already established and growing.

Your teaching times should be relatively flexible.

If you decide you enjoy the work and want to progress, you can move forward with confidence and expand your teaching into a viable business after some time.

Criteria for Contract Teaching

  • technically capable musically and qualified to teach an appropriate level
  • honest, hardworking, reliable, passionate
  • love working with children
  • teaching experience preferable
  • happy to work flexible hours and go where needed.

Why become a franchisee with MusiqHub?

As a franchisee you get all the benefits of working with an established system and group of other like mided individuals, whilst retaining the freedom to run your own business.

MusiqHub HQ is there to support you, such as providing resources and practical help, but it is essentially your own business. As with all things in life, what you put in is what you get out, so if you work hard you will get the rewards. And when it's time to move on you can sell your business to another teacher to carry on.

Criteria for becoming a MusiqHub Franchisee

  • technically capable musically and qualified to teach an appropriate level
  • honest, hardworking, reliable, passionate
  • love working with children
  • teaching experience preferable
  • engaged in the process of establishing, running, and growing your own business, with support from MusiqHub HQ
  • happy to commit contractually to becoming a MusiqHub Franchisee.

Why become an Area Manager?

The key role of a MusiqHub Area Manager is to provide support in the area he/she manages.

In many cases, Area Managers are also still teaching and have a number of students themselves. However, Area Managers may have more direct involvement with building existing relationships with schools, and bringing new schools to MusiqHub. They may also help grow the range of instruments MusiqHub offers in that area as well as the all important recruitment of new teachers.

If you are a good people manager, know quality teacher when you see (and hear them) and are the happiest when building relationships, we would love to talk to you about opportunities we have available.

Criteria for becoming a MusiqHub Area Manager

  • appreciation for teaching and/or music learning
  • interest and passion for learning
  • honest, hardworking, reliable, passionate
  • engaged in the need to support, and build relationships with, franchisees
  • part of a working group on the overall strategy and growth of MusiqHub.


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