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Bringing MusiqHub To Your School

Bringing MusiqHub To Your School

Information for Schools

Our Aim: To create confident musicians by providing quality music
and instrumental education in convenient locations.

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MusiqHub recognises that schools are centres of learning for their communities and seeks to support your school with music and instrumental lessons designed for the modern learner. We provide structured and proven curriculums that have students performing confidently and using their instruments in a variety of settings.
With the use of popular music, our links into the Trinity College, ABRSM and Rock School examination programmes and our focus on best educational practise, MusiqHub can serve your school community with the very best in instrumental lessons.
Read on to see how your students and the wider school can benefit from MusiqHub instrumental lessons.
We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Graeme Collier

Our Vision

Affordable, convenient, proven...

Our vision includes three key aspects, each aimed at providing the very best in music and instrumental education.

1. Quality Teaching

MusiqHub is a network of independent music teachers spread across New Zealand, who share a common purpose of providing children with an inspirational start to their musical journey. MusiqHub teachers draw on their own musical experience to inspire and connect with their student musicians.

2. MusiqHub Curriculum

The MusiqHub curriculum has been developed through the talent and experience of our nationwide group of teachers. The MusiqHub curriculum provides a framework to guide music development while allowing individual teachers the flexibility to introduce music that will motivate their student musicians to practice and develop their craft.

3. Building Confidence

MusiqHub lessons are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to play their instrument and understand the basic principles of music. The goal is to provide them with the confidence to play their instrument in a variety of settings including at home and at school.

Benefits for your school

Being associated with MusiqHub can benefit your school in a number of ways...

1. Playing music enhances student acheivement

Music is scientifically proven to:

Self expression
Time management
Underachieving students to improve
High achieving students to strive further

2. Consistency of service and peace of mind

Finding and retaining quality teachers is the key to any musical programme.

MusiqHub's unique operational model means you deal with committed teachers for whom music education is there business.

  • Consistent student management
  • Clear curriculum outcomes
  • Regular professional support and development

3. Increase the range of activities at school

Enrich your school by providing quality extra-curricular activities.

With MusiqHub you can offer quality music tuition at your school with a trusted and established provider immediately.



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