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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MusiqHub better than a traditional music school and/or independent tutor?

MusiqHub uses the Future of Music Education Model in it's delivery of music lessons. You deal directly with an Independent MusiqHub Teacher and not with a middleman like you do in a music school or music centre. By cutting out the middle man students and families can have direct communication with the tutor and we can keep our prices reasonable. Independent MusiqHub Teacher are highly skilled music and Instrumental teachers who are trained in all aspect of their MusiqHub programmes. They are resourced through regular professional development meetings and a growing online resource of supporting material for teaching.


The Future of Music Education:

The Future of Music Education


What instruments does MusiqHub teach?

MusiqHub teaches a wide variety of instruments.

View our instrument and programme browser to find out more.

How do I book my lessons?

There is a clear process for booking into MusiqHub lessons:
  1. Firstly you can contact your Independent MusiqHub Teacher directly. You may have received a flyer from your students school or attended a instrumental Demo. It will have their details on it. Alternative Click here to find a MusiqHub teacher in your area.
  2. Once you have contacted your Independent MusiqHub Teacher they will send you an email containing all the details about the lessons. This email will also contain a link to that teachers registration page.
  3. Click the link and complete the registration page online. Please use a Personal Computer to complete the registration. At this time our website is not optimised for mobile devices.
  4. Your Independent MusiqHub Teacher will then confirm with you a lesson time and you will receive a confirmation email identifying the times for that term of lessons.

Do students need an instrument?

It is vital that each student has their own instrument, whether it's the MusiqHub Junior Kit, a Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet, or even a microphone for those who are singing. Whatever you need to get started can be purchased or hired from our online store. After you register online with your local Independent MusiqHub Teacher you will be directed through our store to ensure you students has what they need to get started.

Can MusiqHub provide the instrument/s I need to get started?

Yes every instrument or programme taught by MusiqHub is catered for in our online store. Securing the instrument you are after is easy. After you register with your Independent MusiqHub Teacher you will be directed through a short 3 step process to secure your Instrument. It will then arrive on your doorstep within 3-5 working days.

Browse our online store now!

How often are the lessons?

Lessons are held once a week during the school terms. These last for between 8 to 11 weeks depending on the length of the school term. Students who decide to sit their International Music Exams will also need to participate in a few extra lessons during the school holidays before they sit their exam.

How long are the lessons?

Lesson length should be determined by how much a student can retain, practise and master before the next lesson. From this perspective our lessons are thirty minutes long. This is the best amount of time to teach the necessary skills. They can then be consolidated during practise over the following week.

How much do the lessons cost?

Group lessons can cost around $16.00 and individual lessons (available to secondary students and above) cost around $25.00 to $33.00 Lessons are payable on a term by term basis and are due by the date identified on the invoice. Some teachers are GST registered so you will need to check with them about this also.

What are the ways I can pay for lessons?

Lessons are involved directly by your local Independent MusiqHub Teacher. Payment is to be made directly to them. You will be able to pay via Cash, Cheque (made out to MusiqHub) Internet Banking (this is the preferred method) or Credit Card (plus a small 3.25% CC fee).

Do students receive free stuff?

They surely do!
Students get the following items free when they learn with MusiqHub.
  • Certificates
  • Online lesson support
  • Free entrance to the Annual MusiqHub student concert.

Will students need to buy books?

Students use the specially designed MusiqHub Lesson Books as part of the programme. These books cost 33 or 38 dollars. As students progress into more advanced skills and a wider variety of songs other books may need to be purchased. These books include the Trinity College plectrum guitar and electric guitar (rock school) grade books.

How much practise does each student need to do?

Here at MusiqHub we suggest beginning students do a high number of short practises. While new students are developing their skills they will only have a few songs to practise so we suggest 5 -10 minutes twice a day. The best way to achieve this is to leave the instrument/s out of the case and in a handy spot. Here it will be picked up and played far more often than when it's in a case tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.
Once students have progressed and have a wider repertoire of songs and skills their practise time will naturally increase. By the second year of lessons students need to be practising for about half an hour each day or at least three to four times a week.

What is the best age to start learning a musical instrument?

Any age! It's never too late to start and all that is required is a desire to learn. Below is a list of recommended ages for all the MusiqHub Programmes and Instruments.

Preschool to 6 Years old 6 Years + 7 Years + 9 Years + 13 Years +


  • MusiqHub Junior



  • MusiqHub Ukulele
  • MusiqHub Recorder



MusiqHub Band
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Snare Drum



MusiqHub Rock and Pop
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drum Kit
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Singing



MusiqHub Band
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Trombone



MusiqHub Band
  • Tenor Saxophone


Do students have a chance to perform?

Performing is one of the joys of being an musician. With this in mind Independent MusiqHub Teachers create as many performance opportunities as possible. Often the MusiqHub Bands or other instrumental groups will perform at School assemblies and other school gatherings. During the last term of the year each Independent MusiqHub Teachers across the country holds a student concert. Students of all ages get the opportunity to perform with a session band in front of a big audience. It's a fantastic experience and a real highlight for many students. Many other opportunities to perform are also encouraged throughout the year.

What are the MusiqHub Programmes?

MusiqHub operates two main programmes which are interconnected through their specially designed curriculums. They are as follows:
MusiqHub Band
Is a programme based around the Brass, Woodwind and Percussion instruments. Students learn from the specially designed and closely aligned MusiqHub books. This allows them to play together as a school concert band. 
MusicHub Rock and Pop
This programme is based around the teaching of the Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano / Keyboard and singing. Just as in the band programme, students are encourage to form groups and play through their songs together. 

Does MusiqHub offer exams?

Yes, but we know that exams are not for everyone, so they are available for those who want to sit them. To ensure MusiqHub students are examined to an international standard we can offer the exams through Trinity College London, ABRSM or the RockSchool. They are held in May /June and October / November each year. For more information around exams speak with your local Independent MusiqHub Teacher.

What is Online Lesson Central

Online Lesson Central is our online learning portal. Over the last few years we have been building up a library of Videos that support what is taught in each MusiqHub Instrument Book. Over time we will have a huge collection supporting students at every stage of learning. These videos are also designed to help parents see what is expected of students and help with their practise at home.

Find our more about Online Lesson Central here.

How does a student access Online Lesson Central?

You can only access the online material if you are a student or family with students involved in MusiqHub Lessons. MusiqHub students will be given a special username so that they may login and watch videos that supports what they have learnt in their lessons. There will also be lesson by lesson tips to help students and families get the most from the lessons.

What does MusiqHub do about copyright issues?

MusiqHub is committed to fulfilling its obligations under the Copyright Act 1994 and actively seeks to acknowledge and pay for any works that originate outside of MusiqHub. Similarly we actively defend our own intellectual property and copyright on all aspects of what we do.

What if I have any other questions?

Please fell free to contact us, we would love to answer any further questions you may have. You can find our contact details on the Contact Us page.

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