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About Our Lessons


About Our Lessons

MusiqHub is a national network of music tutors who are passionate about supporting children's development and learning through music tuition. We believe learning music develops life skills in children including confidence, discipline, coordination, self-esteem, team work, creativity and self-expression.

MusiqHub lessons are offered at primary and intermediate schools, community centres and private teaching studios at selected locations across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Learning with MusiqHub


Learning music requires the development of skills and knowledge along with the retention of prior learning. With this in mind MusiqHub has developed structured curriculum's that utilise a sequential lesson process. Skills in the physical ability to play are developed alongside an understanding of music. Songs and activities are provided for reinforcement.


This structured learning process also provides the flexibility to incorporate children with learning needs and those with exceptional abilities. It allows each teacher to bring their own musical strengths to the curriculum along with opportunities for students to learn the songs they are listening to today.


The use of rubric based assessment, including Feedback and Feedforward, encourages each student to reach for their best. Our links with Trinity College London, Rockschool International and ABRSM give those students who want it the opportunity to sit their grades. This is available after the second year of lessons and is decided in consultation with the tutor.

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MusiqHub Band

Select from our range of brass and windinstruments and join the band!

MusiqHub Pop

Learn your favourite instrument, including Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals.

MusiqHub RockGuru

This is our professional band mentoring programming... taking you to the big time!

MusicWorks Yamaha

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