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Term 1 News: Practice Tips

Tuesday, 10 June 2014, 2:05am


Thanks for enrolling your child (or children) in Musiqhub guitar lessons for term 1 2014. It’s great to see so many returning students, as well as a heap of new faces. Early lessons have already been a blast and I’m looking forward to a fun term.

Does your child practice much? No? Funny that – most kids don’t! Now is a great time to support your child to develop practice routines that are easy and fun. Try these ideas.

  • TV practice. Kids watching telly? Get them to keep their guitar handy and practice during the ad breaks. (Mute the ads first.) If you choose one or two programmes to be their regular ‘guitar practice shows’ they’ll get in a chunk of practice each week without really thinking about it.
  • Kitchen tunes. Ask your child to bring their guitar in to the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner. Ask them to show you what they learned in class that week. Respond positively to what they’re doing – even if it sounds awful! “Wow, that sounds awesome – could you play it again/play it faster/play it louder etc.” goes a long way towards encouraging kids to practice. Hint: boys in particular will almost never say no if you ask them to play something LOUDER. J
  • Learn with your child: If you have always wanted to learn to play guitar, get your child to "teach" you what they learnt in their lesson that day. Has the bonus of you both learning together and re-enforcing what they learnt in class.
  • If you play, play along. There are plenty of parents out there who have basic guitar skills. I’d encourage you to sit down and play along with what your kids are learning. I do this with my own kids and it has become quite special: it’s their ‘Dad time’ as well as music practice time.

On guitar day please remind your child to take their guitar and book to school.

If they forgot to bring it or have a sore hand - please still come along. That way they can still keep up where the rest of the group are. I'll even let them be an assistant tutor for the lesson :)

A huge thank you to all the parents who have paid their term 1 invoices already. You rock! Tuition fees are my sole source of income, so I really appreciate it when fees are paid on time.Fees for term 1 are due within 2 weeks of receiving your invoice. If you haven’t received an invoice for this term please let me know as soon as you can and I’ll re-send it. 

If you have any queries during the term about practice, lessons, fees or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me, either on this email address or on 021 229 8220. I look forward to hearing from you – and to a great term of guitar with all my awesome students.


Malcolm Hart
Musiqhub Waikato
021 229 8820

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